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  Before operating the forklift, be sure to know the safety operation items!
  (1) Personnel
  1. 驾shi叉车的人詁ei匦刖齴huan业培训,tong过安全生产监督部men的kao核,取得特zhong操zuo证,并经公司同意后方能驾shi,严禁无证操zuo。
  1. The forklift driver must receive professional training, pass the examination of the safety production supervision department, obtain the special operation certificate, and drive with the approval of the company. It is strictly prohibited to operate without the certificate.
  2. 严禁酒后驾shi,行shi中不得吸烟、饮食、闲tan、打手机和讲对讲机。
  2. Driving after drinking is strictly prohibited. Smoking, eating, chatting, cell phone and intercom are not allowed during driving.
  (2) Check the vehicle
  1. 叉车zuo业前后,应检查外观,加注燃料、润hua油和ling却水。
  1. Before and after forklift operation, check the appearance, and fill fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water.
  2. 检查起动、yunzhuan及zhi动安全性能。
  2. Check the safety performance of starting, running and braking.
  3. 检查灯光、喇叭信号是否齐全有效。
  3. Check whether the light and horn signals are complete and effective.
  4. 叉车yunzhuan过程中应检查压力、温du是否正常。
  4. Check whether the pressure and temperature are normal during forklift operation.
  5. After the forklift is running, check the leakage and replace the sealing parts in time.
  (3) Start
  1. 起步前,观chasi周,确认无妨碍行车安全的障碍后,先鸣笛、后起步。
  1. Before starting, observe the surroundings, and confirm that there are no obstacles hindering driving safety. After that, whistle first and then start.
  2. 液压(气压)式zhi动的车辆,zhi动液压(气压)表必须da到安全方可起步。
  2. For vehicles with hydraulic (pneumatic) brake, the brake hydraulic (pneumatic) gauge must be safe before starting.
  3. 叉车在zaiwu起步蔮ao輘hi员应先确认所zai货wu平稳可kao。
  3. When the forklift starts to load, the driver shall first confirm that the load is stable and reliable.
  4. 起步必须huan慢平稳起步。
  4. Start slowly and smoothly.
  (4) Driving
  1. 行shi蔮ao醪娴譫uan距di高du应bao持300~400mm,men架须后qing。
  1. When driving, the height between the bottom end of the fork and the ground shall be 300-400mm, and the gantry shall be tilted backward.
  2. 行shi时不祄ei醪嫔锰摺=鴆huzuo业现场或行shi途中,要注意上空有无障zuwugua碰。zaiwu行shi蔮ao醪娌蛔忌锰撸跋觳娉档奈榷ㄐ浴Ⅻ/div>
  2. Do not raise the fork too high when driving. In and out of the operation site or on the way of driving, pay attention to whether there is any obstacle in the air. When the load is driving, the fork shall not be raised too high, which will affect the stability of the forklift.
  3. 卸货后应先降luo货叉至正常的行shi位置后再行shi。
  3. After unloading, lower the fork to the normal driving position before driving.
  4. zhuan弯蔮ao瑀u附近有行人或车辆,应先发chu行shi信号。禁止高速急zhuan弯,高速急zhuan弯会dao致车辆失去横向稳定而qingfan。
  4. When turning, if there are pedestrians or vehicles nearby, send out driving signal first. It is forbidden to make sharp turns at high speed, which will cause the vehicle to lose lateral stability and overturn.
  5. 行shi叉车在下坡时严禁熄火hua行,fei特殊情kuang禁止zaiwu行shi中急刹砫aiⅫ/div>
  5. When the forklift is going downhill, it is strictly prohibited to stop the engine and slide, and it is not allowed to brake the load in case of no special circumstances.
  6. 叉车在yun行时要遵守厂内交tong规则,必须与前面的车辆bao持一定的安全距离。
  6. The forklift truck shall comply with the traffic rules in the factory during operation, and must keep a certain safe distance from the vehicles in front.
  7. 叉车yun行蔮ao瑉ai荷必须处于不妨碍行shi的zuidi位置,men架要适当后qing。chu堆垛或装车蔮ao坏蒙遺ai荷。
  7. When the forklift is running, the load must be at the lowest position that does not hinder the driving, and the gantry shall be properly tilted back. Do not raise the load except for stacking or loading.
  8. zaiwu高du不得遮礲u輘hi员视线。特殊情kuangwupin影响前行视线蔮ao钩凳币猟i速行shi
  8. The height of the load shall not block the driver's vision. Under special circumstances, when the goods affect the line of sight, drive at a low speed when reversing
  9. 禁止在坡dao上zhuan弯,也不应横跨坡dao行shi。
  9. It is forbidden to turn on the ramp or cross the ramp.
  10. The safe driving speed of forklift in the plant area is 5km / h, and it must be safe to drive at low speed when entering the production workshop area.
  11. When lifting or driving a forklift, it is forbidden to stand on the fork to control the goods and play a balancing role.
  12. 发现问ti及时检修和上报,绝不带病zuo业和隐man不报。
  12. In case of any problem, it shall be repaired and reported in a timely manner, and it shall not be operated with any defect or concealed.
  (5) Loading and unloading
  1. 叉zaiwupin蔮aoΠ葱璧髡交醪婕渚啵沽讲娓汉shan猓坏闷bao瑆upin的一面应贴kao挡wu架。
  1. In case of cross loading, the distance between two forks shall be adjusted as required to make the load of two forks balanced without deflection. One side of the goods shall be close to the retaining frame.
  2. 禁止单叉zuo业或用叉dingwu、lawu。特殊情kuanglawu必须设立安全jing示牌提醒周wei行人。
  2. It is forbidden to work with single fork or use fork to lift or pull objects. In special cases, safety warning signs must be set up to remind pedestrians around.
  3. 在进行wupin的装卸过程中,必须用zhi动器zhi动叉砫aiⅫ/div>
  3. In the process of loading and unloading, the forklift must be braked by the brake.
  4. 车速应huan慢平稳,注意车轮不要碾裧ua飌in垫木,以免碾裧ua颾eng起伤人。
  4. The vehicle speed shall be slow and stable, and it shall be noted that the wheels shall not be rolled on the skids to prevent the rolled objects from hurting people.
  5. 用货叉叉货蔮ao醪嬗】赡苌頳i叉入zai荷下面,还要注意货叉尖不能碰到qita货wu或wu件。应cai用zui小的men架后qing来稳定zai荷,以免zai荷后向后hua动。放下zai荷时可使men架少量前qing,以便于安放zai荷和chouchu货叉。
  5. When using forks, the forks shall be crossed as deep as possible under the load, and the fork tip shall not touch other goods or objects. The minimum back inclination of the gantry shall be used to stabilize the load so as to avoid backward sliding of the load. When loading, the gantry can be tilted forward a little, so that the load can be placed and the fork can be pulled out easily.
  6. 禁止高速叉取货wu和用叉头向坚硬wu体碰撞。
  6. It is forbidden to fork goods at high speed and collide with hard objects with fork head.
  7. During forklift forklift operation, it is forbidden to stand around the forklift so as to prevent the goods from collapsing and hurting people.
  8. 禁止超zai,禁止用货叉ju升人员cong事高处zuo业,以免发生高空坠luo事故。
  8. Overload is prohibited. It is prohibited to lift personnel with forks to work at heights to avoid falling accidents.
  9. It is not allowed to brake with inertia sliding, releasing, circular or easy rolling objects.
  10. It is not allowed to unload goods by forking or turning over the pallet.
  (6) Leave forklift
  1. It is forbidden to leave the forklift when the goods on the fork are suspended. Before leaving the forklift, the goods must be unloaded or the fork frame must be lowered.
  2. Pull the parking brake handle or press down the hand brake switch.
  3. Engine off, power off. (except for special circumstances, such as the driver does not leave the vehicle's line of sight for more than 1 minute).
  4. Remove the key.
  (7) Parking precautions
  1. 发动机熄火前,应使发动机dai速yunzhuan
  1. Before the engine is stopped, the engine shall be idled
  2. 2-3穤hong雍笙ɑ稹7⒍ɑ鹜3岛螅a紧zhi动手柄。
  2. Turn off the engine after 2-3 minutes. After the engine stops, the brake handle shall be tightened.
  3. di温季节(在零du以下),应放尽ling却水,或者加入防冻液。
  3. In the low temperature season (below zero), the cooling water shall be drained out or antifreeze shall be added.
  4. 当气温di于-15du蔮aoΣ鹣滦頳ian池并搬入室内,以免冻裂。zhuan动机油滤qing器手柄 1-2 zhuan,检查luo栓、luomu有无song脱现象,并及时排chu不正常情kuang。
  4. When the temperature is lower than - 15 ℃, remove the battery and move it into the room to avoid frost crack. Turn the oil filter handle 1-2 times, check whether the bolts and nuts are loose, and eliminate the abnormal situation in time.
  5. Wash and wipe the forklift and park it in the garage or designated place after routine maintenance.
  (8) Accident
  In case of any accident, the following measures shall be taken:
  1. 紧fu到方向pan上或操zuo手柄,并抓紧方向pan或操zuo手柄。
  1. Press the steering wheel or operating handle tightly, and hold the steering wheel or operating handle tightly.
  2. 身体kao在叉车qing倒方向的反面。
  2. Lean against the opposite side of the forklift's dumping direction.
  3. 注意防止损伤头部或胸部,叉车fan车时千万不能跳砫aiⅫ/div>
  3. Pay attention to prevent injury to head or chest, and never jump when forklift overturns.
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