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  In some logistics distribution centers and warehouses with high requirements for logistics efficiency, modern forklifts work almost 24 hours a day to reduce the logistics cost caused by a large number of daily transportation. So how can we simply maintain the modern forklift to ensure our work efficiency?
  1. 根ju现代叉车cao作手册cao作叉车。不yao误cao作叉车。
  1. Operate the forklift according to the modern forklift operation manual. Do not operate the forklift by mistake.
  2. 多hua点时间培训你的现代叉车cao作人yuan,教ta们安全知识,jiang低叉砫ang旧砗突鮳u的损huailv,大大jiang低叉车的故誼ia省Ⅻ/div>
  2. Spend more time to train your modern forklift operators, teach them safety knowledge, reduce the damage rate of forklift itself and goods, and greatly reduce the failure rate of forklift.
  3. Supplement hydraulic oil and lubricating oil in time. Modern forklift machinery of second-hand electric forklift needs more maintenance. However, the lack of hydraulic oil will lead to the forklift unable to reach its rated height and load, which will also affect the working efficiency.
  4. To reduce the impact damage, in the too narrow corridor, it is better to arrange a well-trained forklift driver to work in this journey, and pay attention to the vibration alarm and turn the indicator light to avoid hitting people.
  5. Arrange preventive maintenance, the best maintenance plan, the daily maintenance and repair of modern forklift. In the long run, making maintenance plan and implementation can save a lot of money, which can prevent the main part of failure, but also avoid many expensive maintenance costs, and extend the service life of your forklift.
  6. 每tian工作后,留出半小时或yi小时的时间,让二手叉车倾听叉车的“声音”。由于叉车经常处于满负荷工作状态,请注意倾听叉车的工作声音,襶uanVi二tianzheng常工作。
  6. After working every day, set aside half an hour or an hour to let the second-hand forklift listen to the "sound" of the forklift. As the forklift is often in full load working state, please pay attention to listen to the forklift's working voice to ensure normal operation the next day.
  7. 保chi现代叉车的工作环境清洁,注意叉车自身的清洁工作。叉车的工作环境,如仓ku和生chan车间,yi般来说,有yi些sui片xiang木托盘、塑料包装、垃圾,和布料,浪费,dengdeng,如何zhou围的杂wu叉车lun或lun胎特bie是手动载体和手动堆垛机,上面会有深远的影响工作效lv,suo以yao检查,及时清除这些wu质的影响叉车的工作,总是干緃uai牟娉岛凸ぷ鞒uo的地面,或甚zhi考虑使yong塑料托盘代替木材或金属托盘。
  7. Keep the working environment of modern forklift clean and pay attention to the cleaning work of forklift itself. The working environment of forklift, such as warehouse and production workshop, generally speaking, there are some fragments, such as wooden pallet, plastic packaging, garbage, cloth, waste, etc. How can the surrounding debris forklift wheel or tire, especially the manual carrier and the manual stacker, have a far-reaching impact on the working efficiency, so it is necessary to check and remove these substances in time to affect the work of forklift, Always clean forklifts and the floor of the workplace, or even consider using plastic pallets instead of wood or metal pallets.
  8. There should be a strict forklift management system. When the modern forklift is not used, please pull out the key of the second-hand Komatsu Forklift to avoid unnecessary damage caused by other non staff. Tell the operator to get off the vehicle, measure the width of the narrow passage, and estimate whether the forklift and goods can pass safely.
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