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  Nowadays, most of the forklifts are rented, that is to say, as long as some companies or enterprises are willing to buy their own forklifts. The reasons are as follows
  1: The production form of the enterprise has changed. In the initial stage, the material transfer is done by the enterprise itself. With the increase and expansion of the transaction volume, the material transfer is contracted by a professional third-party logistics company. Originally, a pile of forklifts were purchased. What should we do?
  2: The warehouse has been rebuilt, and the height of the shelves has changed. The former shelves are 5 meters high, and the present shelves are 7 meters high. The original forklift is out of use. What should I do?
  3: At the beginning of the business, I bought a batch of forklift trucks. With the development and application of time, the frequency of forklift failures is high, and the repair cost is increasing year by year. I can't satisfy the application requirements of the operation part, but I haven't reached the time when the forklift is obsolete. What should I do?
  4: The cooperation between the third-party logistics company and the owner is usually based on the project. The cooperation period of the two parties is three years. A batch of forklifts have been purchased. After three years, the form of the transaction has changed or the application has changed. What should we do with the forklifts originally purchased?
  5: Purchasing forklift will increase the fixed assets investment of the enterprise and reduce the cash flow
  6: The number and variety of forklifts purchased by enterprises are limited, and the distribution is not sensitive
  7: The repair cost shall be borne by the company itself, and the budget shall be added
  8: What to do in a few hours or less
  And so on the above problems determine the current industry, enterprises, as well as companies with heavy goods loading and unloading affairs, the quite good solution is to rent forklifts for use.

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